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R&D Introduction
Focusing on steroid hormones, Xianju Pharmaceutical makes relentless effort to build an industry-university-research system according to its strategic plan. In the future, the company will remain committed to steroid hormones and move headlong despite obstacles.

Xianju R&D System

Xianju R&D Strategy

Based on its Zhejiang Province Key Enterprise Research Institute, the Zhejiang Steroid Medicine Engineering Research Center and the National Post-doctoral Center, over the years the Xianju Pharmaceutical has focused on the research and development of steroid medicine, formed a competitive edge in technical innovation, product research and development, research specification, research equipment and team building and become capable of multi-disciplinary research, innovation, and industrialization such as medicine synthesis, bio-technology, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmaceutical registration. Besides, Xianju has undertaken the projects of the National 863 Plan, National Torch Plan, National Major New Drug Development and Production Program and National Key New Product Plan. Out of its ambition in innovation, the company has established high-end preparations R&D centers in areas including Hangzhou, laying a solid foundation for the development of new technologies and products.

Pursuing excellence, the company gives opportunities to young people who are devoted to the steroid medicine industry so that they could become the mainstays of Xianju, encourages technical innovation and celebrates the development philosophy of integrating the development of individuals and the company.
Dedicated to steroid hormone drugs, Xianju Pharmaceutical has achieved the integrated operations featuring the synchronous development of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and preparations on the foundation laid by steroid hormone drugs and strengthened the development of new technologies, and new and generic drugs. While working on independent development, Xianju continues seeking more research partners at home and abroad, assimilating advanced innovation results and improving product lines to meet the ever-growing clinical demands with excellent service.