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     Founded as Xianju Pharmacy Plant in 1972, Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002332) practices the corporate philosophy of “ your health and happiness, my sincerity and service” and focuses on steroid hormones with the vision of “ Becoming the one of the Top 10 steroid hormone suppliers in the world and a business well-received among customers and employees.” It has a total capital stock of 989.204866 million yuan and more than 3600 employees. 

     As a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, the company ranked 67th among the top 100 in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2020 with a provincial steroid medicine engineering technology research center in Zhejiang Province and a national post-doctoral center. As the only company holding fast to the business pattern integrating bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and preparations, the company specializes in the research, production and sale of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and steroid preparations. In its product development, the company sticks to the four major fields of health care (gynecology, anesthesiology, respiratory medicine, and dermatology) to build mixes of products and services.

     The company has established long-term partnership with more than 20 domestic prestigious research institutes and universities including the Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and China Pharmaceutical University to bring in senior researchers and gradually align with the new drug development in the world. The company has formed a technical framework that originates from overseas high-end research institutions, assimilates through the research institutions in Hangzhou and Xianju and Implements them with the base in Xianju.

    Under the company, there are 20 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries such as time Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company has three core manufacturing platforms, which are Xianju Yangfu bulk pharmaceutical chemicals production zone, Xianju Yangfu preparation production zone and Linhai Yangfu productions zone at home and two standard bulk pharmaceutical chemicals plants under the name of NewChem, its subsidiary in Italy.

     Xianju Pharma advocates the culture celebrating authenticity, win-win results and innovation and core values of honesty, hard work, openness, studiousness, responsibility and mutual benefit. Upholding the strategic objective of achieving win-win results with customers, enterprises, employees and communities, the company promotes the values that individuals’ value is reflected when they benefit their communities and companies. In its future development, the company will continue optimizing its business management, developing high-tech products and leverage on its large business size to achieve high-quality development and make contributions to the health care of mankind.

Development History

The Yangfu BPC Plant was put into operation.


The company acquired NewChem S.P.A., Italy.


Yangfu Preparation New Zone came into operation.


The company’s provincial-level R&D center acquired the approval to upgrade itself into a corporate research institute.


The company launched its IPO at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Taizhou Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded.


Xianju Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. was founded.


Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed its reform.


Xianju embarked on assets restructuring to found Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Xianju vecuronium bromide passed the FDA certification and launched the IPO at Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 21.


Xianju Pharmaceutical merged with Xinchang Pharmaceutical and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Ltd. to establish Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Zhjiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was founded.


The plant undertook the shareholding reform and founded Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


The plant embarked on the reform of the responsibility system, becoming the pioneer of reform among state-owned enterprises.


The plant completed its CGMP workshop for contraceptive bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and put it into pilot production.


Xianju Pharmaceutical Plant called its first congress of workers, marking the beginning of its democratic management by workers.


The plant started to export hydrocortisone and prednisolone.


The plant started to mass produce norethisterone heptanate and preparations and won the National Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Conference Award and Zhejiang Award for Scientific and Technological Achievement in 1977.


Xianju Pharmaceutical Plant was founded and started to produce prednisolone acetate, hydrocortisone and injections.


Started to produce norethisterone, ethinyloestradiol, and compound norethisterone tablets, becoming one of the 6 designated manufacturers of oral contraceptives in China.


Xianju Chemical Plant established a pharmaceutical workshop.